Below is the list of all the P.C.P.H.C Members' Island Names that I could find.
I know that many names are missing, so if yours is not there or incorrect,
please send me an email at and I will add or correct it.

Lauren Abate-Caribbean Kitty
Jackie Bastow-Mimosa Jack
Jimmy Bastow-Cut Throat
Briggs Becton-Captn'
Wendy Becton-Island Gypsy
Joan Bloomfield-Funicello
Karen Brasher-Cajun Hibiscus
Lee Broussard-Blender Queen
Tim Broussard-Captain Jack Sparrow
Keith Chisholm-
Laura Chisholm-Luau Laura
Richard Cole-PhatBoyz
Donnie Courvelle-Rum Guzzler
Lottie Courvelle-Lilly Pad
Carol DeRouen-Tooth Fairy
Randy DeRouen-Deauxbelly
Perry Dickinson-Sun Streaker
Pansy Gabbard-Schmell Dis
Sharon George-Mountain Jane
Allison Glaesmann-Babylove
Patrice Gonzales-Trice
Steve Gonzales-Flamenco
Al Grabert-Don Q
Tina Green-Margarita Girl
Keith Green-Big Kahuna
Chris Guidry-Honesuckle
Mike Guidry-Docta Phlocka
James Guidry-Piece of Work
Phyllis Guidry-Sassy Sangria
Leonard Guillory-Drink Sinker
Janis Guillory-Busty Blue Eyes
Jeanne Hamilton-Tiki Tequila
John Harris-Shipfaced
Liz Harris-Missa Reefa
David Hayes-It's My Own Damn Fault
Dorie Hayes-The Woman to Blame
Nelly Johnson-Mucura Nell
Marshall LaFosse-Hammerhead
Clarice LaFosse-Blowfish
Rachel LaFleur- Bayou Colada
Jon LaFleur-Reef Diver
Bart Landry-Island Reefer
Sybil Landry-Day Drinker
Eddie Langley-Lickety Split
Colvin LeDoux-Captain Flagthrower
Pam LeDoux-Trouble Maker
Cyndi LeJeune-Snake Charmer
Mark LeJeune-Suk A
Curtis Lindsay-Mango Man
Cindy Long-Tipsea
Richard Long-Cap'n Dick
Craig Long-Havana Daydreamer
Sue Long-Momma Sue
Karl Lopez-Wildcat Digger
Donnie Martin-DaDeuce
Amy Maynard-Hibiscus Hottie
Jane McDow-Tahiti Jane
Mike McHugh-Rum Runner
Susan McHugh-Fruit Loops
Don Menard-Beach Bum
Nena Menard-Mai Wahini
Becky Monceaux-Hula Island
Kenneth Monceaux-Booty Island
Barbara Morris-Bohemian Babe
Tom Morris-Capt Swashfukler
Tammy Nester-La Chica Isla
Kevin Nester-El Borracho Marinero
Ted Nichols-Tahiti Ted
Fluffy Olmsted-Hey Honey
Jeanice Olmsted-Blondie
Sharon Parsons-South Seas Sharon
Carol Rockwell-Rum Flower
Glenn Rogers-Jolly Mon
Nancy Rogers-Naughtylus
Daren Sarver-Sexual Biscuit
Heather Sarver-Islands of Paradise
Melvin Schaefer-Chuganaut
Celeste Stephens-Celestial Lei
Ellie Stickney-Mojito
John Stickney-Rumhead
Tommie Lynn Stutes-Rum Jumble
Nikki Trahan-Hula Baby
Terry Trahan-Wacky Worm
Bob Trost-Conched Out
Toni Trost-Jellyfish
Howard Wasserman-Sand Lizard
Judy Wasserman-Island Thong
Debbie Watson-Glassy Eyes
Frank Watson-Fishbone
Vicki Welch-Cuda
Pam White - Lei Lady Lei
Carole Williamson-Tropical Jello
Larry Williamson-Firewater
David Wright-Oceanwave Dave
Eric Zartler-Babylover
Joe White- Peanut Island
Pam White-Lei Lady Lei